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Special forces for organizational change

Change is all around us. A snowflake landed on the palm doesn’t remain, but melts. Yesterday’s fun puddle froze in the night. Learning is constant experimentation and observation, and what inspires the most is the feeling of change in the environment: Hey, I can make a snowball! Snowfall means something fun, like being able to build a snowcastle, a snowman or something else.

To an adult, a snowfall might just mean additional work or trouble while commuting. In a busy life, the environment’s endless opportunities remain hidden and there’s no joy of learning. But, as an adult can learn something from a child’s worldview, an established large organization can learn from a startup’s mindset how to see opportunities, breath change and invite friends to the game.

Lumilake’s specialists, Special forces for change, understand that new insights feel rewarding and generate to learn even more. However, achieving great ideas is not just about play and fun. Expeditions in  challenging terrain require thorough preparing and a lot of perseverance. Together with the Special forces for change we will avoid dangerous avalances and win snowball fights.

Lumilake creates organizations of the future, in which learning, exploring and generating new insights is a natural way of life. 


Learning organizations of the future

Learning is a natural part of human’s growth. The most challenging is to unlearn old skills and thoughts, as well as to make a bigger learning leap in short time. This is where we all struggle and need extra help.

Learning organization has an open mindset and utilizes even small opportunities to learn. The organization also actively questions the status quo and is able to renew itself. 

Lumilake’s Special forces for change help individuals, teams and organizations to find their forgotten learning skills, find new paths to the future and lead great ideas to life.


  • Build an agile and learning mindset
  • Build customer-driven thinking and processes
  • Establish necessary data and technology solutions


  • Define and concretize strategic priorities
  • Find customer’s biggest pain points
  • Explore ideas and validate different solutions

Let's get going

  • Build a common vision with the team
  • Develop, gather data and learn from insights
  • Manage dependencies and integrations