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The Story of Lumilake Insights

Our story crystallized on a freezing and snowy January from a desire to shake our insights about work and technology. When the world goes through big changes, we also need to think bigger, find our hidden potential and learn to work in new ways and in a better balance with our environment.

Somewhat ironic, but while many mountain glaziers are retreating and the artic sea ice gets thinner and thinner, Helsinki experienced one of the snowiest January in almost 10 years. For an open minded, the snow chaos can also bring new inspiration. Open mind, curiosity, new ideas and insights is exactly what we need, to be able to build open minded and learning organizations of the future, and to build a better work life.  

Our goal is to build self-thinking and learning future organizations and networks, which can solve even the most challenging problems of the future and make great ideas happen.

Our core competence is to utilize a startup attitude, customer obsession, agility and modern technology in large organizations and challenging projects. By combining holistic understanding from large organizations and startups to a crystal clear technology comptetence, we can solve any problem and any challenge. Even the ones that are still behind a gray curtain of fog. Read more about our services or contact us to learn more.

–Mika Ahopelto, founder and CEO


Mika Ahopelto

Mika Ahopelto


Future organization builder, outdoor freak and family man.

+358 40 709 4644