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Rakennamme empaattisia ja dataohjautuvia yrityksiä

Create agile data-rich architectures and solutions.

Lead and modernize data-intelligent projects.

Design agile, data-driven and humane organizations.

Together we achieve


More engaged customers and employees.


Faster results with less work.


Faster learning cycle and better ability to adapt to changing circumstances.


Deeper customer understanding and ability to solve customer’s problems and hidden needs.

Lumilake Basecamp
coaching program for future organizations

Ensure your company’s capabilities to survive and thrive in the changing world.


Lumilake Insights builds empathic and data-driven companies.

  • Empathy helps your company to form deep and engaged relationships to both customers and employees.
  • Data-driven tools and mindset will help you to scale your business in the digital world .
  • Both together enable your company to thrive in the long-run. 

We exist so that you can succeed. 


  • Build an agile and learning mindset
  • Build customer-driven thinking and processes
  • Establish necessary data and technology solutions


  • Define and concretize strategic priorities
  • Find customer’s biggest pain points
  • Explore ideas and validate different solutions


  • Build a common vision with the team
  • Develop, gather data and learn from insights
  • Manage dependencies and integrations