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Lumilake Insights builds agile, customer focused and learning future organizations. By combining a fresh startup attitude, experiences from large organizations and crystal clear technology competence we are able to bring a unique service to our customers. We are driven by the desire to lead great ideas to life while also enjoying the journey.

Our services cover various phases from building long-term capabilities to solving challenging development projects. 

1. Capabilities

  • Build an agile and learning mindset
  • Build customer-driven thinking and processes
  • Establish necessary data and technology solutions

2. Navigating

  • Define and concretize strategic priorities
  • Find customer’s biggest pain points
  • Explore ideas and validate different solutions

3. Let's get going

  • Build a common vision with the team
  • Develop, gather data and learn from insights
  • Manage dependencies and integrations


Challenging goals require relentless effort and preparedness. If it would be easy, everyone would do it. Big challenges do not mean that it cannot be also fun and rewarding. Attitude and mindset is the key. Only after that, come skills, equipment and processes into the picture.


We are driven largely by our values, mindset and habits.  Learning organizations of the future are lead indirectly via cultural, motivational and habitual elements instead of direct command and control. This shift in thinking turns the organization upside down and affects everything. 

Contact us, if you want to learn more about this change and how to survive and thrive in it.

Customer experience

In future organizations, everyone understands what makes a good customer experience and what is their role in that picture. The processes are build around customer value chain instead of competence or technology silos. The word ‘customer’ repeats in all discussions and drives every decision.

Contact us to discuss how an organization is build around customer.

Data and technology

Great organizations understand that the challenges of the future can only be solved by utilizing data and technology in an innovative way. The whole organization needs to work together and shares the same understanding. Data is a first class citizen and automation is the default, not the exception.

Contact us, if you want to understand how to make a giant leap to a data driven organization.


Agility means the ability to learn and adapt to change. It’s about disciplined and streamlined processes which allow rapid experiments and constant change. Agility is build into the future organization’s DNA.

Contact us, and let’s discuss what organization-wide agility means and how we can get there. 


The goal can be either crystal clear or still behind the clouds. There can be many different approaches and alternative pathways. The biggest decisions are made usually in the beginning of the journey and those decisions affect greatly on the length, risks and costs of the journey. Ultimately these early-on decisions can affect if the goal will be achieved or not. Experience, navigating skills and proper preparing help to ensure that the journey will be successful.

Customer need

Before jumping straight on the tracks, it’s time to review are we actually solving the right problem. Who actually is our end customer? Do we have a tight connection to the customer and do we actually understand their ultimate drivers and needs?

The organizations of the future are customer-obsessed. They can combine the deep emotion level understanding of the customer into the quantitative analysis. Contact us, if you want to know how this can be done.


In a digital and fast-changing world today’s knowledge is less important than the ability to observe and learn. What are the most important hypotheses to validate? How should we carry out the experiment? How and where do we gather the data and how do we get good quality insights from it?

Contact us, if you want to ensure the solution’s customer value by utilizing rapid experiments and agile learning.


Planning is critical in solving challenging problems. High level plan of the necessary phases and questions we need to validate before we can have a first production version of a solution. What kind of resources and competence do we need and in which phases? What can we utilize from inside the organization and who do we need to partner with?

Well prepared roadmap makes the journey smoother and reduces its risks. Contact us, if you need help in roadmap planning.


Behind every success there is a great team. The team is even more important than the initial idea. A great team needs right competence, trust, creativeness, discipline and a lot of good energy. Bulding a great team is a journey in itself. It requires time nurturing to achieve its full potential.

Contact us, if you need a great team to solve challenging problems.

 Let’s get going

After proper preparing it’s time to get going determined and fearlessly. First steps are taken carefully and the direction is double-checked frequently. After a while the speed increases and soon we can achieve a flow-state where everything seems effortless and life is just perfect. Occasionally we’ll run into unforeseen obstacles, but with grit and positive attitude these will be turned into valuable learning experiences.

Product ownerhip

Product ownership is a critical role in any project. The product owner’s goal is to lead the development team’s work into actual customer value. The product owner has to understand the true customer needs, and lead and inspire the team to move to the right direction.

Contact us, if you need a competent product owner to guide your journey and deliver valuable results.

Project lead

Even great development teams require guidance and support to reach their full potential. An experience and versatile Scrum Master understands the overall system, different type of people, technology and agile processes. A great Scrum Master is the team’s servant leader and helps the team to progress efficiently, and avoid crevasses and other risks on the way.

Contact us, if you need a person that creates a great team out of great specialists.


Specialists such as deverlopers, UX gurus, architects, data scientists and other true work heroes are those wizards that can convert technology into actual customer value. In future’s organizations, the specialists don’t work in windowless cellars, but together in a customer-driven team.

Contact us, if you need clever specialist minds to solve tough customer challenges.